UGA Virtual Center
Interdisciplinary Studies of the Islamic World (VCISIW)


The VCISIW is an interdisciplinary organization at UGA, comprised of faculty members affiliated with UGA's various colleges and schools. It is housed in the Department of Religion of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Its five-fold purpose is
  • to strengthen language teaching at UGA concerning the languages of the Islamic World
  • to create opportunities for UGA faculty and students for teaching, research, and study
  • to enhance networking of faculty and students
  • to facilitate outreach
  • to increase fundraising and program development at UGA concerning the Islamic World

    The VCISIW offers language instruction in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Pashto, Bengali, and Indonesian. See our Program of Language Instruction for more information. These are all languages considered to be critical to the national security.

    Islam, Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Religion page.

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