UGA Virtual Center
Interdisciplinary Studies of the Islamic World (VCISIW)


Among the languages of the peoples of the Islamic world that are taught at UGA through the VCISIW (and housed within the Religion Dept., 217 Peabody Hall) are the following:
  • Arabic, in which both a major and minor are offered
  • Persian, see syllabus, Persian 1001, Persian 1002, and Persian 2003.
  • Turkish, see syllabus, Turkish 1001.
  • Pashto, see syllabus, Pashto 1001.
  • Urdu, see syllabus, Urdu 1001.
  • Bengali, see syllabus, Bengali 1001.
  • Indonesian, see syllabus, Indonesian 1001 and Indonesian 2003.
  • We offer four semesters (two years) of each language, except for Arabic, in which we offer four years of classes.

    Dr. Godlas supervises instruction in these languages and is the co-director of the Arabic major. Please address inquiries to him at < g o d l a s [at] u g a . e d u >. For an article briefly describing our progam in these languages, see UGA Hosts International Language Instructors in Federally Funded Program

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